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Rafting on Tångböleströmmarna

A nice halfday tour on Indalsälven that is quite long. The tour starts in Ånnsjön, 20 kilometers west of Åre and goes down to Tångböle. We go through three rapids. The two first ones are quite easy and the other one a little bit harder.
Halfway down the river we stop on the bank and make some coffee and a light lunch. During this rafting you get oportunity to swim and surf in the river.

Light rafting on Norängesströmmarna

When the water is high this is a really nice rafting trip. We start the rafting below Tännforsen, which is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Sweden. Then we continue down through Norängesströmmarna, which are situated northwest of Duved. We stop at the green slope next to Staa bridge and eat lunch. Then we do the last distance through Millesforsen and for they who want get to practise swimming in the rapid!

Daytrip Vålån — 800 SEK

A trip for those who seek a bigger challenge. One of the most technincal rivers in Sweden. Participants must be in good physical shape.

Rafting on Ocke- and Mattmarströmmarna

South of Mattmar there is a really nice river with two exciting rapids. The first one, Ocke strömmen, is perfect for surfing. These two rapids are quite short, so we do them twice.

Riverboard 3-4 hours

An exciting way to experience the rapids, with riverboard and flippers. We teach you how to do and to surf.

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Our coordinates are  x7026233, Y1371836.

From Åre, drive 12 km on E14 towards Östersund.

Turn left at the sign labeled “Åre Sleddog Adventures”, then drive 300 meters further.

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