About us

Åre Sleddog Adventures began in 1984, and we are therefore the oldest company in the business here in the Åre valley. Our kennel consists of about 50 well-trained Alaskan Huskies, who beside their “day jobs” in tourism compete in long distance competitions here in Sweden and in Norway..

The guide

Tommy Bernhardsson has grown up in the mountains of Jämtland and has a natural interest in life in the wilds. Hunting, fishing, skiing and walking expedition has led him to a work as a guide and since 1981, as a professional dogmusher offering tours for tourists. To his assistance, Tommy has his fiancee Carina and other experienced guides.

The sleddogs

The sleddogs we use for the tours are Alaskan Huskies with traditions from old arctic areas. In Alaska, Canada, Sibiria and Greenland they have grown these kind of dogs to become strong, persistent and friendly to humans. They are the best kind of sleddogs to use.
After many years in the mountains with these dogs, we never stop astonish for their devotion, strength and loyalty to us.


Find us

Our coordinates are  x7026233, Y1371836.

From Åre, drive 12 km on E14 towards Östersund.

Turn left at the sign labeled “Åre Sleddog Adventures”, then drive 300 meters further.

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